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I, Thomas Wood, am making my living as a showman and juggler in the 21st Century.
I have spent the last 20 years working on perfecting a rather whimsical art form to the point where I could make a living at it. I started off learning juggling from a book, working on it for several years until I got to know every trick in the book.

I have the best job ever. I make a living making people laugh and share a good time with me. The show itself is not what probably comes to mind when you think “juggling show”. It has a unique flavor that you have to see to appreciate. It’s all about charisma and delivery. I once held an audience of 500 people with no microphone outdoors for 10 minutes while they watched me eat a mango. Later people actually sent the mango fan mail! I have been doing this most of my life and I love it.

My shows are very versatile. I am generally hired to make large numbers of adults laugh, though I can perform for kids as well. Either way I aim to do a show that will be remembered forever. No matter whom I perform for I try to give every performance everything I’ve got. It is indeed a high energy show.

Being a flexible and modular show it can be performed so that it is appropriate from everything from a church to comic relief for a burlesque show. I have had rave reviews from both.

I have spent literally thousands of hours working on juggling balls, torches, knives, bowling balls, crystal balls, full glasses of water, clubs and about anything you could think of. Thousands of hours working on fire eating, blowing, , transferring, fire-staff spinning, and a finale that literally leaves a mushroom cloud and starts to suck the oxygen out of the audience. Though my show is multi-faceted and combines many different styles of entertainment, I am known as a contact-juggling specialist. What is contact juggling? Contact juggling is simply not something that you can accurately convey in print. It has to be experienced. Beautiful dances of balance, grace, and line of motion I make crystal balls look as if they are floating over my body like some sort of surreal dream. The act is different, but making your living by lighting yourself on fire for fun and profit, and juggling sharp knives you would kind of have to be. Children smile, grown men laugh and giggle like school girls, women swoon, it’s a show that brings forth all that is good in live performance.

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