While I have crafted a particularly polished 45 minute stage act, I can vary length to order on request. I can make it anywhere from a flash, to five minutes, to an hour-long time tested stage show depending on the need. If Iím doing atmospheric juggling I can go on indefinitely (many hours).


I have several costumes including but not limited to renaissance, victorian, circus, jester, and Arabian. I have everything from Standard Street gear, to a flashy suit. If you ask I may have it, or can get it!


I have very strong polished Ĺ hour and hour routines involving comedy, crowd gathering, ball juggling, audience participation, contact juggling, club juggling, water manipulation, balance, improvisation, fire eating, occasional magic, knife juggling, and fire breathing.
The fire can be excluded if you wish, it is however spectacular, and I have an excellent safety record. I do everything from central stage to background atmospheric. I do have insurance coverage. View insurance form.

I do a loud boisterous act. I do a silent act, and of course everything in between. I can even perform legal wedding ceremonies.


Price is dependent on several factors.Including but not limited to:
  • Event
  • Length of event
  • Frequency of event
  • Size of audience
  • Location
  • Costuming
  • Special requests
  • Media Coverage
  • Timing

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