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Get your exclusive Pyrojuggler Merchandise featuring everyone's favorite "Blood Stained Rag OF DEATH". Check out the Pyrojuggler masks and other specialty products below.

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Blood Stained Rag of Death

on shirts, pillows, masks, tapestries, even a creepy shower curtain!

Vintage Blood Stained Rag of Death

Our original design from many years ago is back and ready to wear. Or disturb.

I Juggle and I know Things

Shirts, stickers, you name it!

Seal of Approval

You know the seal, you love the seal, you've touched the seal. Get the Pyrojuggler's Seal of Approval now!

Thomas Wood University Crest

Have you been to WOOD U? Has Thomas been lighting his nipple on fire for you since last century? Get the shirt to commemorate!

Just the Head

You love the grin, love the cartoon too! We have simplified the designs to just include the thomas cartoon head! It's kind of awesome creepy, but also kinda stylish.

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